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      Welcome to Golden Coast Track Club

      Hi, this is Terrence Mahon, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Golden Coast Track Club. Thank your for taking the time to visit our new website. We hope you like it.

      The Golden Coast Track Club, newly established in January 2020 is a rebranding of our former team, The Mission Athletics Club. On a day to day level not a lot has changed. We still call San Diego our home, we still have our core group of elite athletes and still have a goal of being successful in both in sport and life.

      read more about our relaunch

      Ride with us

      We offer expert training plans designed by world class coaches and athletes


      8-16 week training programs designed by our knowledgeable coaching staff with years of training experience. Choose from Low, Medium, or High weekly mileage for the following event distances:

      • 5k

      • 10k

      • Half Marathon

      • Marathon

      Plus small snippets of our running form drills, strength training, nutrition tips, & more.


      Select your training program based on your race goal time:

      • 5k - from 14:15 to 30:00 - Coming Soon

      • 10k - from 30:00 to 60:00 - Coming Soon

      • Half Marathon - from 1:14:00 to 2:30:00

      • Marathon - from 2:37:00 to 5:20:00 - Coming Soon

      Running programs will all have paces assigned daily so you know what to aim for on all runs and higher-intensity workouts. These will be based on your racing goals so that every workout has a specific purpose that will lead you closer to your goal.

      Our Vision

      Founded by Terrence Mahon and Jen Rhines and spurred on by our team of professional runners, Golden Coast Track Club is about teaching athletes the fundamentals of sport and life. As the name suggests we are located on the California Coast in San Diego, but no one is limited from joining our athletic community.

      read more about our vision